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Tempe Preventative Dentistry

Preventative Dentistry in Tempe and Phoenix

At Sol Dental we’re proud to serve patients with exceptional care both in and out of the patient chair. From the innovative and welcoming office design to the modern equipment, attentive staff and handy online patient forms, we’re dedicated to improving experiences at the dentist one patient at a time. Our mission is to focus on the quality of getting to know each patient on an individual level to honor their schedules with care that is meaningful and tailored to their specific needs. Above our gentle cleanings and exams we work diligently to ensure that each of our patients feel genuinely cared about with their dental health being in the right hands. Give us a call at 480-360-3311 to schedule your appointment.

How Important Is Your Six Month Appointment?

Regular visits to the dentist twice a year are more important than you might think! Although we might not feel the signs or symptoms of a cavity, root canal or tooth decay, a certified dentist can spot the early signs and treat small dental issues before they develop into a bigger problem. When you come in for your dental cleaning or exam Dr. Orozco can monitor changes in your dental health, inspect your gums and teeth for signs of decay or periodontal disease and perform a thorough teeth cleaning for better overall dental health.

The Importance of Cleanings and Exams

Do you remember your first dental cleaning as a kid? Was it a positive experience? At Sol Dental we don’t just focus on treating your dental health, we focus on your comfort as well. At each exam we get to know our patients and their individual needs and concerns to tailor their appointment towards better comfort and support. Our detailed cleanings involve a thorough cleaning, polishing and rinsing of the teeth to remove tartar and plaque buildup, including the buildup that regular brushing and flossing can’t reach! After a cleaning and exam you’ll feel better informed about your dental health and more prepared to take care of your mouth and teeth in between checkups to the dentist.

We Offer Lap Exams For Young Brushers and Flossers!

Even if your child only has one baby tooth, visiting a children’s dentist can have a large impact during the formative years of their dental health. When your child comes in for a dental exam, they will have a chance to build a positive relationship early-on and look forward to future visits with the dentist. At a lap exam for children under the age of two, parents sit knee-to-knee with the dentist while their child rests comfortably in their lap. While their mouth is examined they will have a comfortable and calming view of their parents or of their favorite Netflix cartoon overhead. Of course, we can’t stop you from making funny faces or helping your child giggle through their exam!

Ask Us Questions!

At your next appointment or over the phone, we encourage all of our patients to feel at home and welcome to ask questions. By visiting our office every six months, it’s easy for patients to have the chance to talk with our staff in person and ask Dr. Orozco important questions about their dental health. Every patient is unique at Sol Dental, and not every patient requires the same form of treatment! When you give us a call at 480-360-3311 we’re happy to help you find a convenient scheduling option or get in touch for a consultation.

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“Trust and Compassion is at the Heart of our Community”

Every patient deserves to experience their highest level of oral health in an environment built on trust, integrity and compassion.

-Dr. Orozco