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How Are Dental Crowns And Bridges Related? Understanding Restorative Dentistry

If you have one or more missing teeth, a dental bridge may be the best way to restore your smile. Dr. Jaclyn Orozco, our dentist in Tempe, has years of experience with both dental bridges and dental crowns.

If you’ve never explored dental bridges before, you may be a bit confused about what exactly they are, and how dental crowns are related to them.

In this article, we’ll discuss the link between dental crowns and dental bridges in detail. Get started, and learn more about dental care in Tempe from Sol Dental!

Crowns – The “Building Blocks” For Dental Bridges

Bridges are suspended between two health teeth that are capped with crowns. The bridge attaches to the crowns and literally bridges the gap between your teeth. The two capped teeth are called abutment teeth. Occasionally, dental bridges can be placed using one abutment tooth, but two is preferable to ensure the bridge stays secure.

In preparation for the crowns, Dr. Jaclyn Orozco will remove some enamel and tooth material, creating a stable, secure platform. The dental crowns are then perfectly crafted to fit comfortably over each abutment tooth. Once placed, the crowns and bridges should feel like your natural teeth.

Are Dental Bridges Right For Me?

Dental bridges are a good alternative to more costly procedures such as dental implants. Dental bridges can also be used to treat more than one missing tooth.

To find out if a dental bridge is right for you, it’s important to schedule a consultation with one of the best dentists in Tempe, Dr. Jaclyn Orozco. Dr. Orozco can design a tooth restoration plan that’s perfect for you – taking your budget, oral health, and specific needs into consideration.

Schedule Your Consultation Today – Replace Your Missing Tooth!

If you don’t replace a missing tooth, you could suffer from a wide variety of oral health problems. Your teeth may shift in their sockets, and your smile will be affected. Contact Sol Dental today to learn about your restoration options. Dr. Orozco is always glad to see new patients, and she can help you understand which treatment option will be the best for your situation.

Still not convinced we’re the right choice? Check out some of our past patient testimonials now! Call us at 602-497-2467 for a consultation, or visit our office at 2139 E Southern Ave, Tempe, AZ 85282. Come to Sol Dental for the best family dentistry in Tempe!

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