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Finding a dentist nearby can feel like a scavenger hunt in the dark if you don’t know where to look, or even what to look for! At Sol Dental, our patients understand that they are in caring and compassionate hands where Dr. Orozco and her team put their vision of elevated care and integrity into motion in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Our new patient forms are just a click away and our staff welcomes your questions and feedback in their efforts to continuously improve experiences at our office in Tempe.

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What To Expect


Step One

Give us a call to schedule your appointment. Please allow 90 minutes for your initial visit as a thorough, comprehensive exam will be completed.


Step Two

Our office is built with your comfort in mind. We offer only the latest in dental technology as well as a TV for viewing Netflix during your procedure.


Step Three

Our friendly staff will not only insure you feel welcomed during your visit, but will follow up and ensure that you are well outside our office as well.

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Post-Op Forms

Knowing what to do after your dental crown or other dental procedures can be just as important as knowing what to expect before any treatment begins. At Sol Dental we believe our patients deserve to be cared for before, during and even after a dental procedure. Our team is devoted to answering your questions and providing helpful guidance throughout your dental care. But for added information and support our post-treatment instructions are available for download online.

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Payment and Financing Options

The last thing you want to think about when you need dental care is sifting through the financing process or developing a payment plan. When you give us a call or schedule a consultation our staff will help make financing your dental treatments an easygoing process.

We accept cash, credit/debit (Visa, Mastercard, Amex), HSA and most flex account cards as long as they have the CC symbol on them! We also accept Care Credit for easy monthly financing specially tailored to your needs.

Want to make a payment online? You can simply do that here.

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We accept all major PPO plans including, but not limited to: Delta Dental, BCBS, Guardian, Aetna, Cigna, United Health Care, TDA, Principal, Metlife, Assurant and Humana. For a full list of the dental insurances that we accept, give us a call at 408-360-3311!


It’s rewarding to us to answer the questions of our patients in terms that are easy to understand. When our patients learn about what to expect at the dentist they feel more comfortable and able to enjoy their experience with us. If you have a burning question about X-rays, fluoride or your treatment plan check out our common questions and answers below or give us a call to speak with our staff!

Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral found in the Earth’s crust. Enamel is the outermost layer of the tooth mostly composed of calcium and phosphate, two other natural occurring minerals. It is well known that when present, fluoride combines with calcium and phosphate to form a much harder and stronger enamel layer. In the past, fluoride treatments were completed at the dental office during development and generally stopped around the age of 16 when it was believed that the enamel had completely formed. However, new research shows that fluoride not only makes enamel more resistant to acids produced by oral bacteria after we eat and drink, thus preventing tooth decay, but it also reduces the ability of disease-causing bacteria to stick to the teeth, so it is easier to wash away with saliva, brushing and other activities.

Many factors in adulthood make our teeth susceptible to damage from acid or tooth decay including our diet, history of cavities, presence of fillings and/or crowns, gum recession, certain medications/dry mouth, active or past orthodontic care, etc. Fluoride treatments can make our teeth stronger, more resistant to decay and less sensitive to hot and cold. Fluoride treatments come in various forms. At Sol Dental, Dr. Orozco uses a clear varnish that is applied to the teeth, usually following a cleaning, and may recommend it every 3-12 months, depending on risk factors present. Because the varnish immediately adheres to the teeth, patients may eat and drink immediately after and little if any is swallowed, making it very safe. It is recommended to wait 4 hours before brushing to allow for maximum absorption.

Radiation is everywhere around us–even bananas contain radiation!  Dental x-rays allow Dr. Orozco to see conditions that aren’t always visible in the mouth, such as cavities, bone loss due to gum disease, infections and even oral cancer. When these conditions are detected with x-rays early-on, patients can benefit from preventive dental care that results in less damage to the teeth and surrounding tissues, which is often less invasive (and less expensive!) care.

With the advent of digital radiography and similar advances in modern dental technology, x-rays are now safer than ever before! At your appointment our advanced digital dental x-rays allow only a small area to be targeted at a time, dramatically reducing the amount of radiation a patient may be exposed to during dental x-rays. Studies show the average amount of radiation emitted from dental x-rays at your 6 month checkup-up is similar to that obtained from 15 minutes spent in the sun. Therefore, at Sol Dental, we feel the risks associated with dental x-rays are negligible in comparison to the benefits, such as catching a cavity before it needs a root canal.

“Trust and Compassion is at the Heart of our Community”

Every patient deserves to experience their highest level of oral health in an environment built on trust, integrity and compassion.

-Dr. Orozco